Learning To Love?

Something I've been randomly thinking about lately is the difference between the arranged marriages that some other countries practice and marriages of free will such as the ones here in America. Now, in no way am I advocating arranged marriages at all, I'm simply advocating working just as hard in a marriage of your own choosing. It's no secret that the divorce rate among arrangedmarriages is much lower and I don't believe this is only because divorce is frowned upon in the cultures that practice these customs.

Illegal Immigration Myth

The myth that immigrants bring crime to our cities is completely false and that in fact they are far less likely to commit crimes than their native-born counterparts. According to a 2000 report prepared for the U.S. Department of Justice, immigrants maintain low crime rates even when faced with adverse social conditions such as low income and low levels of education. Although incarceration rates are highest among young low-income men and many immigrants arriving in the U.S.


Should the 10 Commandments be posted in courthouses? Most people's recollection of the Ten Commandments centers on the "thou shalt not" requirements: to not murder, steal, commit adultery, lie in court, covet the neighbor's possessions, etc. 1 Many feel that these rules are nearly universal; they are followed by adherents of all of the world's religions; they are a useful standard for everyone to base their values upon. Thus the posting of the Ten Commandments may be viewed as an innocuous decision which shouldn't offend anybody.

Judging facial hair on Men

Baseball player Bryce Harper, omly 19 years old already has a poor rep. Cole Hamels felt justified in hitting him with a fastball and then afterwards bragging about it.
Last Janurary, in the Behavorial Ecology, two researchers, Barnaby Dixon and Paul Vasey released a study on reactions to men's beards. They pointed out that beard growth may serve as a sexual signal between men.

Why The Bad Attitude?

Am I the only one noticing just how many people go through life with a constant bad attitude? It seems to me that everyone always has something to complain about. "The line was too long", "she gave me a dirty look", "I actually have to READ a book for AP English!?! not doing it.", "you didn't like the taste of the drink I bought you? Fine...won't buy you a drink anymore!"
Really people? Really?


Today, college classrooms in the United States are more racially diverse than they looked in the 1960s. This change is namely the result of affirmative action, an idea presented by President John F. Kennedy with an executive order and reworked by President Lyndon Johnson as another executive order that prohibited publicly funded companies from discriminating based on race, color, gender, national origin or religion.

Metal Music

Does listening to metal music turn people violent? Of course it doesn't. But it's notable that whenever shocking acts of violence occur in America, you can be sure that someone somewhere will try and draw a link with the listening habits of the accused. When any tragedy occurs that seems to defy explanation, it's natural that people will want to attach a reason or inspiration to them.


High school athletes should be required to take random drug tests.Remember that athletes don't take drugs to level the playing field, they do it to get an advantage. And if everyone else is doing what they're doing, then instead of taking 10 grams or 10 cc's or whatever it is, they'll take 20 or 30 or 40, and a vicious circle simply gets bigger. The end game will be an activity that is increasingly violent, extreme, and meaningless, practiced by a class of chemical and or genetic mutant gladiators.


Adolescent decision making is characterized by emotional and cognitive immaturity, intense peer pressure and heightened attitudes toward risk. Therefore, it is no surprise that adolescents make choices that are less responsible than those made by mature adults in similar situations. Although children may know right from wrong, their inability to consistently make responsible decisions makes them less blameworthy than adults. If they are old enough to pick up a gun and shoot it, they're old enough to take responsibility for their actions.


Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder a mental illness? Obsessions are intrusive, irrational thoughts—unwanted ideas or impulses that repeatedly appear in a person's mind. Again and again, the person experiences disturbing thoughts, such as "My hands must be contaminated; I need to wash them"; "I may have left the gas stove on; I need to go check it fast"; "I am going to injure my child by accident; I need to be very careful or else something bad will happen." Compulsions are repetitive rituals such as hand washing, counting, checking, hoarding or arranging.